April 25, 2018

Good time at the Fox

My camcorder photo of Eric Bowman performing stand up comedy at the Fox and Fiddle Tuesday night sucks in almost every photographic measure. But it's not so bad considering it was taken while shooting video from a far corner.

It also illustrates the healthy size of the audience and growing interest in the monthly open mics with the fourth impressive showing by comedy lovers in a row.

An eye-popping eight comics/aspiring comics took the stage with three veterans providing the foundations for five rookies to test their material and timing. And it looks the workshops are working for those attending.

Andre Raymond was lights out as host as he gears up for this Saturday's big show at the Raven and the Republic (opening for the Irritable and Confused tour group from Toronto). He killed the opener. My first thought was, "Shit. That's a hard act to follow, hope I'm not next."

Then event organizer Eric Bowman hit a three-run triple using mostly new material. I'm looking forward to seeing more at his May 10 event at the Raven.

"It's always good to see new people take the stage, but it's just as nice seeing new people in the crowd who enjoy the show," Bowman said after the show.

Raymond followed with a line-drive RBI double slaying the crowd of 30 people for a second time.

Adam Beanish was hitting three-hole and crushed it with his nerdy Warcraft schtick. The Beaner had them zoned in and the energy was off the charts.

Rob Deleo then showed how punchline polish and well-crafted transitions take solid bits to a new level. Thumbs up.

Happy to see Jocelyn Green shake off the reservations and got up in front of a mic for the first time in a long while. She danced through a well choreographed set of punchlines and an interesting dick-pic skit like it was nobody's business.

Tim Reid and I got a bit lost in our routines but we powered through OK and the experience will only make us stronger. I actually set up a joke and skipped the punchline completely plus forgot to smile at the beginning. Being second-last is a challenge, there's too much time to think. Better preparation would cure that no doubt.

Doug Bies finished with a new routine he's working on for his trip to Texas where he'll do an open mic in the Lone Star State. The theme was about the differences between Canadians and Americans, and there's certainly gold in them thar hills. I liked him bringing the polar opposite example of the Toronto police officer who arrested without bloodshed that murderer who mowed down those innocent pedestrians just the day before. Hard to fit into a comedy routine although he managed it well and the proudly Canadian audience members were eager to applaud the officer for his professional restraint.

I liked his Slovak-Mic-Mac-Tabernac line.

Next open mic at the Fox is either May 15 or May 22. Will update when confirmed.


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