October 12, 2018

Turning over a new leaf

Should be a couple laughs at the Powassan Sportsplex this Saturday night.

There is a slew of aspiring chuckle-makers already signed up for a stand-up comedy open mic party in the hall upstairs.

The MC will be Andre Raymond, one of the top North Bay and area talents, leading a band of locals who range from experienced to novice. Topping the list is Francis Hanover, along with Eric Bowman, Rob Deleo, Jocelyn Green and Adam Beanish. Jennifer Honey and myself round out the confirmed list, although anybody can sign up before 7:45 p.m.

I'm going to turn over a new leaf and focus my jokes on what I know best ... how to get "un-married" and the best strategies for staying single. There might be some stuff about cannabis. Maybe a How To demo. Not sure about that one four days before legality.

I also want to take more nature photos. Starting with my hacienda yard. You can never document trees too much.


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