October 24, 2018

Shutterbugs and comedians

Took a mirror-less Canon M5 out for a test drive the other day.

Raced over to Duchesnay Falls on Nipissing First Nation at the North Bay border looking for that cliche rock-withstanding-water shot. I had taken one in 1986 with a leaf hanging on to one side that I've always liked. But it was taken on film with an old single shot Minolta SLR and it was a tad soft of focus. Just a hair.

Unfortunate for me, with the sun dropping quickly, I was in a rush to also catch the Lake Nipissing sunset at Kinsmen Beach in North Bay.

And I had forgotten the golden rule when it comes to visiting Duchesnay Falls ... make sure you visit the restroom before hitting the trail. Because waterfalls. So there I was, crossing my legs and balancing on a rock near the shore with a mini-tripod threatening to slip into the frothing, foaming water with the new Canon in tow. The shot turned out fairly well, maybe should have bracketed the shutter down slower to see the different movement affect. That stick is neat, although leaning toward the distracting side.

Sunset was cool. Like, it was chilly down there as the sun dropped. Winter is coming. I think my retina may have been seared a touch watching this sunset go down. Safety note: Where better sunglasses shooting sunsets. These transition-style specs don't cut it.

The waterfall pic was the first one in a Northern Ontario Photographers Facebook group I recently joined. They have some great and enthusiastic members posting inspirational stuff. 

While I'm in the promoting mood, check out the calendar Gerry Gooderham is creating for next year. Find his page HERE. Also worth a visit is Heather Reid's page HERE. She has been tracking a pine marten's life with beautiful effect the past couple months.

In other arts and culture news: The Powassan Sportsplex is the place to be Saturday, Nov. 24 with the second stand-up comedy open mic event. Doors open at 7 p.m. for an 8 to 10 p.m. show. There's a $5 cover for the Sportsplex, keeping the cash in Powassan.


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