March 24, 2019

Long winter almost over

North Bay and area endured almost twice as much snow as usual this winter and it's just starting to melt. Slowly this past week or so, thankfully.

Many residents felt it was necessary to shovel off their roofs for the first time in more than a decade. Ice dams and over-loaded gutters has caused water to enter many homes.

At the hacienda in Corbeil, there was very little room left to plow snow and now that spring has popped its head up a few times, the portable garages are flooded with more than six inches of water pooling around everything on the ground. Today it's frozen, on Friday it was a lake.

Word to the wise, it might be a good idea to buy a spare sump pump just in case the spring runoff overwhelms your weepers and burns out the one doing the job for the past few years. I got mine at the Algonquin Hardware store, a 1/3 horse pedestal model.


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