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October 29, 2018

Weeding-out token topics

I'm not a fan of smoking cannabis. It's much better to ingest or at least vapourize. Each of those methods offer superior effects while causing less (known) harm.  

Smoke-toking is wasteful and damaging to the respiratory system (although moderation and intermittent use reduces the detrimental impact to both the lungs and wallet).

There's no point getting into a technical debate about the nature and extent of the benefits. Suffice to say, it's a better option than alcohol or pain-relief pharmaceuticals. Maybe we can explore those subjects in better depth another day.

Regardless, Canada has made both medicinal and recreational cannabis use legal and has a become a world-leader by doing so. Hopefully, it leads to more research, fewer people jailed and a destination tourism boom. I'm actually not a big fan of the legislation as it's written. Seems they have created a raft of new laws to rake in fine revenues while cornering the retail market. Politicians. 

Interestingly, a great many pot-virgins have no remaining rationale keeping them from exploring cannabis as a means of self-medicating, helping relatives medicate differently or check out alternate or additional options for recreating. And that's a steep learning curve for the 50 to 80 crowd that are starting from scratch.

Here's a few hints and tips to avoid as many bad experiences as possible:

1) First-timers may want to take a test drive a couple times before going to the Legion dart night after eating your son-in-laws home-baked cookies. Don't consume THC and try to do dart math. Or throw pointy things in a crowd.

2) Never eat a whole cookie to test out a new batch no matter what the chef says. Start with a quarter or you might end up hugging a pillow for the rest of the evening. It's true, you can overdose on weed. Nobody dies (that I've ever heard of) but you get to a point where promises and vows are made to a 'higher' power. Read about one police officer's experience in Toronto HERE and you'll understand this warning better.

3) Same goes for toking joints. Just because it comes around in a circle you don't have to keep puffing until it's done. Two short, reticent inhales is usually plenty to get acquainted with whatever is being passed around. Think of a big, fat joint as a mickey of rye. One shot is ok, two might be alright as well. Three is taking it to another level.

4) Don't toke and drive. I could argue that a little buzz probably doesn't make a good driver worse but I've seen bad drivers on weed and they clearly don't improve. Besides, 5-0 thinks this a good cash grab so if ever there was a time to show restraint when driving while under the influence, it's now. As far as what I've seen in the news, the roadside saliva testers are set to go red at 2 nanograms ... a regular user with high-tolerance and a certain base level always in their system should think twice about smoking a spliff three hours before driving (the cops are suggesting six hours might be legal. Pity the poor soul who gets caught up in this regulatory web, it's going to get very expensive to fight those charges.

5) Do some research. Talk to those with experience. It's not like when you were in high school. Cannabis has become a dinner-table subject and it's a good thing, too, because talking about Trump, pedophile priests and the Patriotes is a downer.


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