Bonfire Life
November 21, 2018

No need for fake snow

Blame it on Netflix. That's why my deck still has all the snow from this past week.

You can also blame North Bay city staff for banning fake snow last month, somehow making the winter gods angry enough to bring on this early hard hit of winter.

Seriously. All this screen time, added to my daily digital grind, is keeping me from shoveling any flakes at all. Visitors to the hacienda better not arrive in running shoes, that's for sure, and I recommend 4x4 to get out of the driveway.

I can't seem to tear myself away from electronic stimulation. It wasn't always this way.

Just a couple years ago I got my first smart phone after skipping the whole flip cell thing altogether. Maybe carried a pager twice. Now I have two smart phones, one tablet, a work-related laptop and home desktop system. If I wasn't also playing around with video production I might have a fighting chance.

As for Netflix, since I started there, Sweet Virginia is a good movie, if you're looking for a new series try The Kominsky Method and I enjoyed Fargo as far as it went with different direction each season. Definitely Fargo season two might be too much for some.

As you may have guessed, I finally moved a reclining chair and the big TV up into the living room so now I'm done for, at least for the near future it seems. Binging is my middle name. 


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