Bonfire Life
January 6, 2019

Seizing chance to plow forward

I thought about applying for the communication officer job at the City of North Bay. The posting closes this Friday, Jan. 11.

It makes sense to consider the opportunity after recently retiring from mainstream journalism and being a former city hall reporter with the North Bay Nugget. Among other things, I've been known to critique city council on many fronts, including its poor communication at times. 

Would karma put me in a position to eat all those words?

But after closely reading the job description and pondering the full breadth of the duties, it didn't seem like the right thing somehow. It's hard to put my finger on one specific issue. But just like the brake drum on the back wheel of my plow truck, as illustrated by the photo above, it wasn't a good fit.

Being the communication officer for North Bay would be challenging for sure. I could see it testing me while teaching me new skills.

I like the part about organizing communications across multiple platforms to get information moving quickly. Being involved in strategic planning also sounds exciting. Publicity events, however, would take most of my soul. And I'm not sure how long I could do steady 60-hour weeks. I'm already feeling a bit beat up at 53.

Fact is, I'm already committed until March 31 to my current employer, the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council. I've been their communication advisor since October. I really like the work and was happy with the website, logos and videos IAESC launched in December.

Another commitment, and this is a big one, involves accompanying my mom on an Alaskan cruise in May. 

Seems there are a bunch of knocks against that job op. For me. At this time. And, from their perspective, I'm not an easy choice either. And there are plenty of candidates in the community.

My best contribution to improved communications at the City of North Bay would probably be as one of those "expert consultants" I've mocked in the past.

I actually could help in some way. We'll just have to be clear about the term of the contract. I wouldn't want to get sucked in and become a lifer or anything.  


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