October 2, 2018

Bizzy Lives replaces Rural Life section

Change is good, eh? That's what they say. So I'm tweaking the Rural Life section and going with Bizzy Lives instead.

It's not that the Rural Life concept doesn't interest me anymore. I still have plenty of stories to share about what to do and what to avoid when living in the sticks. But business, politics and marketing have more of my attention right now (even if I should be thinking about getting the hacienda ready for winter). 

I also know there are plenty of people who are busy doing a little of everything, just like me, so I went with a more general heading that can accommodate any whim that strikes.

Adding a fourth section seemed a bit much and messes with the top-half page design.

If you have an interesting business idea or angle for a unique story line (anything but a soft-ball promotional feature), send me an email: [email protected] or text: 705-498-2050. I wouldn't even mind publishing something about people changing careers or starting something new (because I can relate).

Photo caption: I was in Toronto last week to do a bit of communication work and popped by the Frost Building where Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli counts beans. Truth be told, I made the appointment the week before and appreciate the former North Bay mayor making time for me. It's been decades since I've been within protest distance of Queen's Park. I wouldn't make a very good tourist. It was kinda cool, however, to see someone I've known for 30 years reach such lofty provincial heights. I even took off my ball cap as a gesture of respect. It was a bit disappointing he didn't follow Northern Ontario tradition and offer me a beer ... they only cost a buck these days.


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