November 11, 2018

Capitalist bake cake but can't eat it too

Employers are frustrated about the lack of skilled workers available while many people in their 50s and older are complaining the kids these days are not interested in traditional careers.

It's not that complicated to understand why this situation exists. A big part of the problem can be linked to the attitudes many business owners and politicians have when it comes to compensating such workers with competitive salaries, family-friendly working conditions, affordable benefits and attractive pension plans. For many years, it's been a long, drawn-out battle to keep up with inflationary pressures while enduring decades peppered with layoffs and closures across a variety of sectors.

Chalk it up to globalization and NAFTA shaking out the loose bolts to satisfy the multi-national investor-driven reality. How can we be shocked, then, when our youth look with dismay at a future carrying a lunch bucket and wearing work boots?

Yes, this a different generation in many ways with interesting attitudes. Darn millennial generation and whatever it is that followed them don't seem good for much of anything. But they grew up expecting the world to shower them with whatever they want, because that's what society was trying to do ... save them from the hard lives previous generations faced. So it's actually not surprising they didn't get a lot of experience working with their hands, the first step toward skilled trades. At the same time we sheltered them from the tough love of life, the technological revolution was screaming at them to focus on computer skills.

It's quite clear to most that this new world of ours is all about getting by on your smarts and piecing together pay from multiple and ever-changing clients and employers. Full-time, permanent work is going the way of the Dodo bird, so don't expect your career to be stable or secure.

So, it's kinda working out as many employers have wanted (the freedom of picking and choosing who to hire and for how long with all all the perks and none of the responsibilities) ... but there was a miscalculation. 

The kids these days are actually quick learners and too smart to embark on careers where they wear out gloves and sweat through their cap.


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