May 3, 2019

Something is coming together

Beginning June 1 there's going to be a Small Town Times presence at North Bay's in the heart of the West Ferris business sector.

I've rented what they call a 'Dedicated Desk' at the business enclave that's steadily growing at the former Tweedsmuir elementary school. It's nearing capacity with waiting lists for certain size offices but ample room for smaller start ups like me. There's a variety and I like that aspect. Some organizations have multiple offices, others join as part-time members at reduced rates giving access for a set number of hours. 

I wanted a corner to call my own and picked a prime location in the renovated former gymnasium, right up against the nearly ground-to-ceiling glass wall with five 'real' offices lining the wide open and well-lit space. Soon there will be about 10 desks for rent in the middle.

For $350 plus tax a month, there's a chair and desk waiting for my private use with all members getting use of the common kitchen, high speed internet, hallway art gallery, parking and discounts on renting board rooms and using audio-video equipment. There's even a mail box and access to printing and photocopying services.  

To me, a bonus is the location with a favourable route covering about half of the city as I drive by a shopping centre, city hall and downtown, plus another mall, restaurants and two additional townships if I take a longer circle south.

My story-writing efforts will likely be even more sporadic than usual through May but I'm gearing up for a lot of work in June and July as I prepare for life without a Nugget severance cheque beginning in September.

I'm actually talking a lot about getting a monthly news magazine off the ground and the research is paying off. Let's cross our fingers on that one. Birds in the hand, meanwhile, are two biography clients on the go. And I like getting documents to edit with short, quick jobs preferred. Nice work when you can get it.

I love doing the podcast interviews at RFPMedia's Suite 16 audio room but there needs to be sponsor to cover the hourly rental and sound tech costs. The rates cheap and I get a discount as a member of the Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective ( NRCC ), it's just I want to put that budget toward the print idea this summer. Until I get some cash ad customers, I can always record them at the hacienda. My studio is almost ready although it doesn't compare.  Speaking of which, the video page on this website is working again HERE or you can go straight to the YouTube channel HERE.  So far, I've interviewed comedians Andre Raymond and Adam Beanish, Nipissing First Nation Chief Scott McLeod Shabogesic, kickboxers Corey Jackson and Miguel Palmer, Peter Handley, Yan Piebird and Coun. Dave Medicino, among others.

First, though, is this little matter of an Alaskan cruise with my mom and sister May 16 to 26. I'm getting cold feet and it's likely a good thing the trip was already paid up. I hope to shake off the trepidation and stress and not be a grump about it. Like usual. Nobody likes that travel partner, I've found discovered. 

But there's something about planes, borders and being on a ship heading north just seems a bit imposing to this swamp creature in Corbeil.


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