March 29, 2019

Voodoos vs Hearst brings back a memory

Hockey flashbacks are cool. I got one today thinking about the Powassan Voodoos heading to Hearst this weekend as they battle for the NOJHL East Division title. 

I haven't been to Hearst since 1991. As the sports guy with the Northern Times in Kapusasking, I covered the senior men's hockey championship there. The Kap Blades took the honours in exciting fashion. (I'll track down one of the players to retell some of the tale someday).

It was a blast covering sports in Kap. Some of the guys worked for the Spruce Falls paper mill and there was plenty of serious news when it faced shutdown and the employees and community came together to buy it.

Senior men's hockey was fast and furious back then. And the parties. I didn't live in Kap a full two years but it sure left an impression on me.

Looking forward to when Hearst visits Powassan next week for games three and four. I wonder if any of the coaches remember Kap beating them on their home ice? Just kidding. It was always good hockey when Hearst was playing. The Voodoos have their work cut out for them.

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