Welcome to my world

Good day. My name is Dave Dale. Small Town Times is my hobby website, an adventure in story-telling with a nod to my mainstream media background. Consider it more like a weekly magazine than a 24/7 news publication.

Until I'm comfortable turning on the comment feature, let me know what you think by sending an email directly to: [email protected]

My Twitter handle is @ddale1965. 

The video section draws from my YouTube channel: Dave Dale Story Teller.

I also have a personal Facebook page.

Keep in mind, this is not a news website.

Consider Small Town Times my creative outlet for a limitless curiosity. Or a curious outlet for my boundless creativity. I also use it to promote things I'm either organizing or people who seem interesting.

Note: Dave Dale / Small Town Times retains copyright for all original content created by me and published on this website. All other authors and photographers whose material is published on the website retain their own copyright. In other words, please don’t steal the stuff here, pretty please with sugar on top. Republish with credit at the very least.