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Spring cleaning becomes a mission

Once a year, I try to get my act together. Enough is enough. The centre cannot hold. Status quo is just not sustainable and serious thoughts need to be thunk, profound depths need to be explored. Life changes must happen before it’s too late. Yes, I try to clean up...

Does McDonald regret staying for a third term?

There were several main subjects I wanted to broach with North Bay Mayor Al McDonald during our Zoom interview April 7. It was a follow up to our April 2020 Skype interview, which took place as the COVID-19 pandemic and reality of lockdowns were still a novelty....

The Dionne Quintuplets’ façade

At one time, the Dionne Quintuplets were the most widely photographed girls in the world. From the time they were born, their fight for survival became a symbol of hope for those struggling to survive the Great Depression of the 1930s. The sight of the five identical...

Paved shoulder on Lake Nosbonsing Road possible in full length ‘retrofit’ stage

East Ferris is cashing in on its extra gas tax funding to repave a longer section of Lake Nosbonsing Road this summer. But the addition of shoulder lanes for cyclists and pedestrians will have to come later when ‘active transportation’ funding becomes available – and...

Plot always thickens for Gateway Theatre Guild

North Bay has been entertained by the Gateway Theatre Guild since 1948. We have been delighted by plays, revues and musicals featuring casts of colourful characters with lots of drama on and off stage. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the Guild was forced to cancel the...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Here we go. The long and winding trail of life has put another crossroad before me and I’m deking down the path less traveled. Again. As if life in a pandemic wasn’t exciting enough. The redesign of the Small Town Times website, turning my hobby platform into a...

Jake Thomas getting down to the Fundamentals

Jake Thomas made the best possible use of his pandemic downtime this past winter. The 73-year-old bluesman fixed every little cracked wire and hum-creating loose connection suffered over half-a-century of road trips hauling around a truck-load of guitars, mics and...

Recorded meetings improve transparency

Livestream and video recordings of municipal meetings allow constituents immediate access to a greater amount of transparency and shouldn’t end when public council gatherings resume. And I’m not talking about that tiny ‘fly on the far wall’ camera shot North Bay used...

It’s a taxing situation

Fairness in taxation is much like beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder.  The concept attempts to balance the rights of the individual with the obligation to society and the success of that equalization is only evident in the lack of opposition to the tax. Property...

Museum memories flow from Riverbend to Main

Getting off the bus on Lakeshore Drive, walking down Riverbend Road and then the long driveway to the North Bay Museum was beautiful during the autumn of 1980 when I first began. The building, you may remember, was originally a two room school house. The Museum took...

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