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‘Flat earth’ road trip covers plenty of ground

Chatham is an interesting small city in southern Ontario that probably isn't on your bucket list, which is understandable. I took a rare road trip a bit ago and stayed there for five nights visiting a good friend. We checked out the 'Rims and Ribs' classic car show...

Artists standing up against greenbelt destruction

Several northern artists are taking part in an artistic protest over the development of green and forested spaces in southern Ontario. A variety of works are planned to bring specific attention to the threats to the Blue Mountain Niagara Escarpment Greenbelt. Dermot...

Batter up! Diamonds are shining in the Bay

I had one of those cool interviews the other day, it sparked a lot of memories about baseball. There's a video below where I talk to two young men I watched grow up immersed in multiple sports, with my lad just a year or so behind for all of a decade. They're now in...

QUONTA Theatre Festival in the Bay

The QUONTA Theatre Festival is coming back to life after a pandemic hiatus with three productions hitting the stage in North Bay from three esteemed theatre companies: Gateway Theatre Guild from North Bay, Sault Theatre Workshop from Sault St. Marie, and Gore Bay...

Slipping the surly bonds of Earth … briefly

It was a perfect Sunday morning in late November, 1964. I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law, Edna and Stewart Scott at their home just outside Callander. There we were drinking coffee, chatting about the usual things with no sign that my life was about to...

Lowery responds to ‘Between2Daves’ podcast

North Bay Councillor Jamie Lowery, formerly CEO of Cassellholme Home for the Aged and currently executive director at Castle Arms seniors living, talked with Small Town Times editor Dave Dale about issues raised in a previous podcast. It was with former councillor and...

Video interviews getting thousands of views

Small Town Times video interviews in the 'blue room' at Clark Communications are getting thousands of views when combined, including 2,200 in the past two weeks. The uptick in production has attracted several dozen more subscribers to the channel, pushing it to 418...

Attitude key to amputee’s recovery

Wayne Eyre, 71, considers himself lucky after falling off a roof two years ago. The retired paramedic broke his lower leg in five places and a nasty infection led to a below-knee amputation seven months later. But the head athletic trainer for the Nipissing Lakers...

Sweetness and Light since 1974

I have mentioned The Country Roads Studio Tour which operated from 1980 to 2011. The tour brought together unique home-based businesses that featured art, traditional crafts as well as agri-businesses scattered across the rural landscape south and east of North Bay....

North Bay could have been “Fastballville”

For years, North Bay has been known as “a hockey town” – after all we were one of the first “Hockeyville” winners – but I would posit the proposition that for much of its short history, it could just as logically be tabbed “a softball town”. To wit – for a period of...

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