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UPDATED: Lake Talon property owners concerned about water level management

The water level of Lake Talon had extreme swings over the past year and a bit – specifically a major drop last month – that have property owners concerned about the impact on spawning fish, amphibians and access to docks. Small Town Times met with John Kelsall, Roger...

5 mags so far – Summer 2022 edition in the works

The first five editions of the Back in the Bay Magazine have rolled off the Beatty Printing press and the Summer 2022 issue is under construction. Many thanks to the advertisers, subscribers and story contributors for making the 2021 volume successful and helping to...

It’s ‘Silly Season’ … may as well meet political players

The Ontario provincial election June 2 and municipal poll Oct. 24 motivates a series of video interviews with some of the political players involved. So far, editorial discussions have been recorded with three of the candidates seeking the Nipissing seat at Queen's...

Five-The Dionnes: A Musical’ at the North Bay Capitol Centre June 3-4

Gerry Mendicino is excited about the potential of a new musical he’s producing that combines several elements of North Bay’s storied past – bringing full circle his life-long love of history and performance art. It’s called Five-The Dionnes: A Musical’ and is being...

Spring has sprung Back in the Bay

The Spring 2022 edition of Back in the Bay Magazine rolled off the Beatty Printing press on Monday. It's one of our best packed with local stories and photos, plus the most local advertisers supporting the fifth issue since launching last year. Next up is the summer...

Wishing for a ‘Watchdog’

The recent rise in property transactions has given real estate lawyers a boost in business. The increase in demand has seen some restrictions on the availability of local lawyers to handle the boom and so, when my realtor suggested an out of town lawyer to handle our...

Two dinners for North Bay Sports Hall of Fame inductions May 7 & May 14

The North Bay Sports Hall of Fame will hold the 40th Annual and 41st Annual Induction and Awards Dinners May 7 and May 14, respectively, at the Davedi Club. The 2020 and 2021 events were cancelled due to COVID pandemic restrictions on gatherings. Newly announced...

Rock’n the fedora vibe now

It was a busy week at the Hacienda in Corbeil as we pulled together a full package for the sixth episode of Small Town News & Views, lit a fire under a controversial issue in North Bay through the weekly BayToday column and juggled numerous aspects of the deadline...

5th ‘News & Views’ show finds its stride

The 5th episode of my "Small Town News & Views" show is closer to the style I'm looking to produce on a weekly basis. There's a bit of editorial commentary, a splattering of humour and short promos of the longer feature interviews posted to the YouTube channel....

Is that fish?

Hi Pigeon! As a writer, I try hard to be neutral in all things. Especially politics, but sometimes, I must admit I do scratch my head and wonder, “What are they thinking?” We may as well talk about the recent announcement from Premier Doug Ford to refund all those...

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