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Articles by Ian Saunders
Early life on Copeland Street

Early life on Copeland Street

With its wooden clapboard siding and wraparound porch, the house that our family moved into on Copeland Street in 1945 was an iconic small-town residence - the kind moviemakers seek out to convey a nostalgic ambiance. Think "The Waltons". Ubiquitous domestic...

Earliest North Bay memories were ‘saucy’

Earliest North Bay memories were ‘saucy’

Let me start with a little North Bay history, before my parents arrived there in May of 1941. By that time, it had grown significantly and was beginning to shed its ‘frontier town’ roots. Because of its location on waterways, North Bay was an ideal location for the...

‘Recollections’ new magazine column

‘Recollections’ new magazine column

My name is Ian Saunders. I was born in North Bay in 1942, and lived there for two decades. I’ve put down some recollections, and will share these memories here in the Back in the Bay magazine. These are adaptations of chapters compiled over a number of years, which I...