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One-two North Bay punch at MMA debut

There are two North Bay connections to the Montreal Fight League’s amateur combat sports event in Sainte Agathe des Monts, QC, Saturday, Jan. 28. Dylan Dale, 24, was born and raised here but now lives in Ottawa. He is entering a cage for his first amateur Mixed...

Mild weather surprises in Christmas bird count

Warm weather and open water was reflected in the 44th North Bay Christmas Bird Count results. The annual scan of the same 24-kilometre wide circle of land noted a few unusual sightings for 2022, including American Robins, Canada Geese on Trout Lake and a small flock...

Hunter has ‘full-circle’ experience with O’Shea

Ryan Hunter is the seventh North Bay athlete to win a Grey Cup – making it an even dozen wins for locals – after his Toronto Argonauts trimmed the Mike O’Shea-coached Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24-23 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Nov. 20. O’Shea actually wears half the ring...

Phishing for suckers

I used to enjoy fishing. There was something calming about the rhythm of casting, retrieving, casting again. A little rush of adrenaline when something took the bait. Taking care not to lose the fish I tricked into chasing something too good to be true. Once upon a...

Shall We Dance on Dec. 30th?

Yes we shall. Club 45 began in November 1978 when Les and Pat Brouse, Art and Betty Fricker, and Frank and Betty George began a dining and dancing club for couples 45 years of age or older. They would meet the last Saturday of each month for an evening that included a...

Piece of Russian warplane being auctioned for Ukrainian Vest Project fundraiser

The Vest Project co-founders, Lori Burns and Cindie D’Agostino received an early Christmas gift from the KOLO Charity Foundation, as a thank you for their continued efforts helping the front-line defenders of Ukraine. The gift is a piece of metal was from a Russian...

New Year’s Eve, Midnight

Like fresh light snow blanketing the hill, trees and valley, the new year falls in a blanket of white. At midnight, sharp stars bedeck the velvet curtain of night or snow falls again, melting crystals on cheeks and chins raised to the sky and we ponder this slice of...

Winter 2022 edition takes flight

Just in time for a Christmas stocking stuffer and ice hut read, the Winter 2022 edition of Back in the Bay Magazine is hot off the Beatty Printing press with the first big wave of circulation beginning Dec. 15. The cover captures 1940s winter spirit with the...

Love story for the ages

Not all promotional videos are equal and few can express what true love means. A production by Regan Pictures for the North Bay Reginal Health Centre Foundation raised the bar on both accounts. This feature was published in the Winter 2020 edition of A Bit of the Bay...

Turning vegetation into vegetables

Sitting in a meeting room, trying not to sniffle, I wonder at the wisdom of my choices. Yes, we are living in a time where a slight cough or sneeze can make sphincters tighten around you. This is odd, because airborne illnesses are not really spread that way, though...

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