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There is a cure for polarization politics

Polarization in politics is a problem that we need to address. The partisan sniping that dominates online, leaves one wondering if technology is really a benefit to us. It is important though to remember that the world has mostly increased collaboration by virtue of...

VIDEO STORY: Old-school Pinball all the rage

The pandemic and isolation over the past couple of years has ignited a returning interest in arcade games for recreation rooms at home, making Mike Hall's Northern Arcade & Pinball Services a hot commodity. See the video story below. Hall, a retired Canadian navy...

Do immigration stories make you angry?

My first journalism instructor at Canadore College also writes columns for Village Media's BayToday and he mentioned me in a January 18 piece. Don Curry, an immigration consultant, highlighted a suggestion that Canada needs to triple its population and immigration is...

Experience of a lifetime

“Don’t screw this up.” I think this every time I need to defrost a freezer. I’m not quite sure what age I was when I first attempted this task. I’m guessing low-teens. For some strange reason – perhaps boredom or the feeling that I needed to contribute more to the...

Despair to determination

Now that the government has failed to protect us from the known threat of successive pandemic waves, I am starting to see tweets of despair cross my Twitterfeed. The lament that parties are all the same and there is no one left to vote for is understandable, but we...

North Bay’s 43rd consecutive Christmas Bird Count

A Belted Kingfisher finally showed up at the North Bay Christmas Bird Count with 42 species recorded Saturday, December 18, 2021. Last year, a Wild Turkey and Peregrine Falcon were the newbies on the list even though none are new to the area. It was the area’s 43rd...

Links for all 2021 columns published through BayToday

Below are links to my columns published at during 2021: Dec. 1 Plot thickens on political fronts The Probity Report was made public this week as we learned the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care approved the $122-million Cassellholme project. Dec. 8...

Perilous political prognostications

Those who predict political outcomes can be assured of two high risk outcomes: They prove themselves idiots They alienate and irritate anyone who supports a party you don't predict winning In spite of that, picking a winner can be an exhilarating experience, as...

Cold reality on northern roads needs hotter response

Rushed supply chains, years of unregulated training, driver shortages, and winter are a recipe for disaster on northern highways designed for a lot less traffic.  The fatalities mount every winter…with a Dec. 17 collision on Highway 11 between Nipigon and Longlac...

More depth to the Nipissing Warriors story

There’s a bigger story surrounding the Nipissing Warriors hockey legacy and its role in the community’s progression ever since. The 800-word feature in the Back in the Bay’s Winter Edition barely scratches the surface, although it's nice to see the 1972 before and...

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