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Love story for the ages

Not all promotional videos are equal and few can express what true love means. A production by Regan Pictures for the North Bay Reginal Health Centre Foundation raised the bar on both accounts. This feature was published in the Winter 2020 edition of A Bit of the Bay...

Turning vegetation into vegetables

Sitting in a meeting room, trying not to sniffle, I wonder at the wisdom of my choices. Yes, we are living in a time where a slight cough or sneeze can make sphincters tighten around you. This is odd, because airborne illnesses are not really spread that way, though...

Gateway Theatre Guild raises Diamond Jubilee curtain

The Gateway Theatre Guild has written a solid script to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2023 – and the first act is already underway with pent up energy after a two-year forced hiatus from the stage. (This feature was first published in the Fall 2022 Edition of Back...

Earliest North Bay memories were ‘saucy’

Let me start with a little North Bay history, before my parents arrived there in May of 1941. By that time, it had grown significantly and was beginning to shed its ‘frontier town’ roots. Because of its location on waterways, North Bay was an ideal location for the...

UPDATED: 24 candidate interviews

There are now 24 Small Town Times candidate interviews for the upcoming municipal election Oct. 24, most of which can be found below with the rest on the YouTube channel. There were eight interviewed at the Elk's Lodge meet and greet, with the balance conducted at the...

Today’s spark of inspiration

The brilliant British comedian and noted history mangler, Eddie Izzard, says that fire was discovered by a man named Jeff. Jeff Fire. While I question Eddie’s knowledge of history (but never her comedy instincts), I like to believe that Jeff was a distant ancestor of...

Fall 2022 edition now circulating, a dozen retail locations available across North Bay area

The seventh edition of Back in the Bay Magazine began its circulation journey Sept. 27. More than 5,000 copies rolled off the Beatty Printing press once again and the lion's share were delivered to retail sales outlets and advertisers, including almost 4,000 free...

Candidates challenged to assist Farmers Market

In addition to this website, Facebook and YouTube channel, Small Town Times and Back in the Bay Magazine supporters are encouraged to check out the weekly columns published at Village Media's digital news platform. This week's missive scratches the surface...

Busy as a beaver building video library

The Small Town Times video library of North Bay and area characters and events is growing by the week. We're aware not everybody likes subscribing to our YouTube channel where there are more than 100 "shows" to surf through, and some don't have or want social media...

Memories (…something-something coloured memories)

I’m sitting at my laptop, trying to remember a work contact’s name so I can find the last email I received from him. First name? Last name? Nothing. Who else was copied on that email? I’m picturing the meeting room we met in month’s ago. Who else was in the room? I...

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