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Today’s spark of inspiration

The brilliant British comedian and noted history mangler, Eddie Izzard, says that fire was discovered by a man named Jeff. Jeff Fire. While I question Eddie’s knowledge of history (but never her comedy instincts), I like to believe that Jeff was a distant ancestor of...

Fall 2022 edition now circulating, a dozen retail locations available across North Bay area

The seventh edition of Back in the Bay Magazine began its circulation journey Sept. 27. More than 5,000 copies rolled off the Beatty Printing press once again and the lion's share were delivered to retail sales outlets and advertisers, including almost 4,000 free...

Candidates challenged to assist Farmers Market

In addition to this website, Facebook and YouTube channel, Small Town Times and Back in the Bay Magazine supporters are encouraged to check out the weekly columns published at Village Media's digital news platform. This week's missive scratches the surface...

Busy as a beaver building video library

The Small Town Times video library of North Bay and area characters and events is growing by the week. We're aware not everybody likes subscribing to our YouTube channel where there are more than 100 "shows" to surf through, and some don't have or want social media...

Memories (…something-something coloured memories)

I’m sitting at my laptop, trying to remember a work contact’s name so I can find the last email I received from him. First name? Last name? Nothing. Who else was copied on that email? I’m picturing the meeting room we met in month’s ago. Who else was in the room? I...

Seeds being planted in ‘Broken Forests’ way

Dozens of creative and inquisitive souls from three continents have converged in North Bay for the Finding Art, Animism and Alchemy in the Broken Forest: Living with the Land Conference. There are participants and Broken Forest members from as far as Poland, Brazil,...

‘Recollections’ new magazine column

My name is Ian Saunders. I was born in North Bay in 1942, and lived there for two decades. I’ve put down some recollections, and will share these memories here in the Back in the Bay magazine. These are adaptations of chapters compiled over a number of years, which I...

Dylan Dale heading to Arizona to kick-start MMA dream

Dylan Dale is making a move to get his mixed martial arts career off the ground by spending a month in an American hotbed of talent fueling professional leagues. “I’m going to Arizona to train at Tim Welch’s “Soul Fighters” and the MMA Lab in Peoria for the month of...

No more horsing around…

Summer sure is slipping by faster than a Corvette with high-octane fuel pumping all eight cylinders. My September schedule looms just three weeks away and it's going to be a riot of good times trampled by pressing business chores. My visit to Horse Ability last week...

Northern artists honouring Old Growth

Nurturing forests and increasing biodiversity is the primary theme of the Old Growth Resurrection, Regeneration, Intervention project at High Park and the Propeller Art Gallery in Toronto Aug. 6 to Sept. 15. In addition, several artists are also involved with the...

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